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13 Going On 30 (2004)
Front Cover Actor
Jennifer Garner Jenna Rink
Mark Ruffalo Matt Flamhaff
Judy Greer Lucy Wyman
Andy Serkis Richard Kneeland
Kathy Baker Bev Rink
Phil Reeves Wayne Rink
Samuel Ball Alex Carlson
Marcia DeBonis Arlene
Christa B. Allen Young Jenna
Sean Marquette Young Matt
Movie Details
Genre Comedy; Fantasy; Romance
Director Gary Winick
Producer Susan Arnold; Allegra Clegg
Writer Josh Goldsmith; Cathy Yuspa
Studio Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Language English
Audience Rating PG-13
Running Time 98 mins
Country USA
Color Color
IMDb Rating 6.2
Jennifer Garner glows like a rising star in 13 Going on 30, a girly version of the Tom Hanks classic Big. Jenna (Garner, Alias, Daredevil), a frustrated teenage girl, just wants to skip past all those annoying adolescent years and arrive at a glamorous adulthood--and thanks to some inexplicable wishing dust, she does. But once she re-orients herself to a life as a high-end magazine editor with a sports-star boyfriend, she discovers that in the 17 years she skipped she became a not-so-nice person, including casting aside her best friend Matt (played as an adult by Mark Ruffalo, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). There's no question that Jenna will rediscover her lost innocence, but Garner rises above the lack of suspense. 13 Going on 30 floats along, buoyed by her goofy sweetness. Her lovely looks are made accessible by her unfettered silliness; it's a winning combination. --Bret Fetzer
Personal Details
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Purchase Price 19,60 €
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Edition Details
Format DVD
Region 2
Screen Ratio 1.85:1
Barcode 043396014220
Release Date 22.02.2005
Subtitles Deutsch; Englisch; Türkisch
Audio Tracks Deutsch Dolby Digital 5.1
Englisch Dolby Digital 5.1
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1